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I blog about a lot of tech and learning topics. These posts are a combination of tutorials and thinking. I often revisit these posts and update them both as technologies change and my thinking changes.

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What’s the point of remembering when we’ve got Google?

Restarting from a halt

Modelling a new-born baby with XState and Vue

Pseudocode. What now?

XState & Vue: Traffic Light Example

Is it okay to try to learn Vue and JS at the same time?

Moving to Vue from React

Create a data driven component with WordPress and Next.js

Teaching as a way of learning

Creating a WordPress Theme

What makes an excellent tutorial?

From MDX to WordPress

Why is my video file not being cached by gatsby-source-wordpress?

Brain surgery or Restaurant review?

Importing SVGs to Next.js

Teacher Developer Teacher

Being Smart !== Feeling Smart

Smile Multi Factor Authentication

WTF does headless mean?

Headless WordPress: REST or GraphQL

8 Advantages of Headless WordPress

Creating calendar events from a Google form

How are JavaScript and TypeScript related?

Authentication with Next.js API routes

Dealing with a database with Next.js API routes

Day 1 – Up and Running

New Learning Adventure – Typescript

Keeping secrets safe with Next.js API routes

What are Next.js API routes all about?

Why does your frontend application need a server?

Got a ton of server and database issues – is headless WordPress the answer?

Discord Inktober Bot (Netlify functions to the rescue!)

Creating an upload route in Express

Developing an Express API

Why do people stop learning?

Headless WordPress: Where should you host the WordPress instance?

Is Blitz.js worth your time?

How to make sure your Express API doesn’t get abused?

Learning React

Adding todos with SMS

3 Pillars of Learning

Which programming language should I choose?

What is in a newsletter?

Cancelling The Master Branch

Adding Toast Notifications to Next Apps

Webmentions and Campfires

What is a digital garden?

Streamed and Released a npm package!

Mob Coding: Gatsby Digital Garden

Reflecting on the KCD React Marathon

Kent C. Dodds – Building React Apps Part 2

Kent C. Dodds – React Suspense

Premature Optimization

Yak Shaving

Kent C. Dodds – React Performance

Kent C. Dodds – Advanced Patterns

Kent C. Dodds – Advanced Hooks

Kent C. Dodds – Building React Apps Part 1

Kent C. Dodds – React Hooks

Kent C. Dodds – React Fundamentals Workshop

Advanced SQL Workshop

Getting around in SQL

Migrating from Create-React-App to Gatsby Stream

Why do I keep learning?

Some learnings from my first 8 weeks freelancing

Python Geocoder: A Guide to Managing Locations in Your Apps

Getting Started Quickly with Laravel Logging

Creating a Drupal Patch

Protecting Credentials