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I'm passionate about learning, teaching and helping others level up their skills. I use this space to grow and develop my ideas and thinking.

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Hi, I'm Kevin Cunningham 👋🏻

(or @dolearning)

Headless WordPress

WordPress is often overlooked as a content management system by “modern developers”.

I think this is a painful oversight. There is no more affordable, flexible and powerful CMS - particularly for statically built sites.


Next.js is an amazing framework built on top of React. I spend time making tutorials and content exploring how to use it in interesting ways.

Whether you want to launch a prototype, interact with 3rd party services or just improve your coding skills, jump in here!

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I spent 12 years teaching Maths to primary and secondary children. I've been obsessed with learning and how we learn for decades.

I'm a self-taught developer and love helping others level up their craft. I write a lot about how we learn and how we can improve our learning.