Getting around in SQL

Getting around in SQL

Published on Monday 10th February, 2020.

On Thursday evening, I’ll be taking part in another workshop. This time the workshop will be delivered by Tyler Clark and will be on Advanced SQL (there is still time to sign up here).

In preparation, I watched Tyler’s first course on SQL that is hosted on egghead. It was really interesting and, though I knew most of it, I appreciated the clarity and focused nature of Tyler’s delivery.

Almost all of my experience with SQL has been with MySQL. Tyler delivers his course using PostgreSQL which is almost entirely new to me. I realised that while a lot of the syntax is the same between the two implementations, there are some basic differences when it comes to navigation between databases and tables.

I put together a quick screencast to show these and I thought I’d share the screencast and a summary table.


List databasesSHOW DATABASES;\l
Connect to databaseUSE <db_name>\c <db_name>
List tables in databaseSHOW TABLES\dt
List rows in tableSELECT * FROM <table_name>SELECT * FROM <table_name>

Last updated on Tuesday 30th March, 2021.

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