About Kevin Cunningham

I’m a web development consultant and educator working with people around the world from the shed in my garden in Brighton, UK.

I started coding at 8 on my Spectrum 128k and have been attached to a computer ever since.

As a secondary school Maths teacher, I spent a decade making complex topics accessible. I used code to help my students in their learning and to speed up my own administration tasks.

Along with my business partner, Martin, and team at SpinUp I now help businesses and individuals test their digital product ideas with customers and investors.

I write and produce written and video content to help developers continually level up and not get stuck in “tutorial hell”.

I run workshops and training to allow teams and individuals to rapidly upskill in new frameworks and approaches. I offer 1:1 mentoring and coaching for developers looking for help taking their journey to the next level.

Podcasts and Interview with me

I’m happy to appear on all relevant podcasts!