Why Headless WordPress is an awesome choice

Why Headless WordPress is an awesome choice

Last updated on Sunday 15th November, 2020.

(for your pocket, for security and for your content)

I'm more and more convinced that Headless WordPress is an excellent choice for the backend of your content site. This is particularly true for sites that have a build step. Not having to callback to the WP instance to render and serve your content end-user has a lot of benefits.

For your pocket

It could be that your site is never visited by more than your Mum and your best friend. Maybe you have a steady audience of a few hundred who visit and enjoy your content regularly. And maybe, you get that one post that is submitted to Hacker News and you get the hug of death.

If you're not using a statically built site, you need to think about scaling rapidly for this kind of fluctating demand.

For security

For your content

This is a work in progress.

Please hassle me on Twitter to finish this off it languishes too long.